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In 1995,
three women came together to make a difference in the lives of girls.

Ann Muno Julie Edsforth Laura Culberg


Ann Muno:

Ann helped found Powerful Voices in 1995. Her social work experience spans the past fifteen years, including work with schools and community organizations, and is rooted in a deep commitment to the next generation of girls. Through her much-cherished involvement in Powerful Voices, Ann has the opportunity to see girls take hold of their potential and flourish, staff and volunteers create educationally exciting spaces for girls, and the community invest in girls' lives. One day, she'd also enjoy the opportunity to study how female adolescence differs for Italian-American and Italian girls. Ann is an Illinois native and has lived in Seattle since 1990. She is the proud mother of five children.

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Julie Edsforth:

Julie Edsforth had no idea where the first conversations back in 1995 about "starting something" would lead and still is amazed that they led to what is now the thriving organization of Powerful Voices. Taking experiential learning to new heights, Julie enjoyed 11 remarkable years with Powerful Voices, eventually taking on the role of Executive Director in 2000 and departing in 2006 to pursue other adventures, including parenting two kids, starting a nonprofit consulting practice, and searching for the illusive "life balance'. She is thrilled to stay involved with Powerful Voices in a consulting capacity, most recently helping to facilitate their strategic planning process.

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Laura Culberg:

Laura Culberg is orginally from Chicago but has been in Seattle for more than 20 years. Laura grew up in a trio of sisters all born within 21 months of each other and two social worker parents. Laura somehow bumped into the inspiration of Ann Muno and Julie Edsforth the summer after the three of them completed their MSWs. Powerful Voices was born and Laura rode that fabulous wave for five years. After that she consulted as a grantwriter for a short time before deciding that she wanted to do something totally different. So, for the last ten years, Laura has been teaching and practicing Bikram Yoga at The SweatBox where she is co-owner. In her spare time, Laura parents her almost 6 year old daughter Lucia, fantasizes about living on a farm and/or in Spain, scheming about her next career and trying to keep up with her blog.

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