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Kath Ahn

Powerful Choices AmeriCorps Member
Kath is a Korean-American creative person born Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about the arts and partnering with youth-development programs.She has one too many dreams and sometimes finds her head stuck in the clouds but with her feet glued to the ground. Kathy hopes to pursue a career that incorporates a combination of the arts, therapy, and youth empowerment.

Cata Catibayan

Case Manager
Born and raised in the Portland area, mixed-filipina background and 1st generation American on father's side. Sports and a Catholic Education were parent's solution to the "lessons" of life. Attended Gonzaga University, and played on the GU Club Volleyball team; discovered the magic of "Sisterhood" in her teammates and through her Women's Studies concentration with her Political Science degree. After college, Found her passion for direct service work, serving a year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Los Angeles at a homeless youth drop-in center. Now a "Jesuit-adjacent" fallen Catholic, altruistic and agnostic in values, she is committed to the service of advocacy and social justice work; and has spent the last 3 years in Seattle working for Non-Profits involved in youth-development and recovery. Female-identified, masculine presenting, this Tomboi works to deconstruct gender norms in her daily life and swag. In her free time, she works on whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen, playing volleyball or shaking it on the dance-floor with her fellow queers. 

Jordan Faralan

Administrative Coordinator
Jordan is a queer Filipina activist who grew up in a sleepy Navy town on Whidbey Island and fell in love with the city when she moved to Seattle for college. She is an avid appreciator of the arts - live music, dance, spoken word poetry (even though she is minimally artistic) and works to become a stronger ally for the most marginalized. The dream is to one day intersect art and social justice by owning a facility that allows communities to critically explore the systems they operate in through their own creative mediums. She loves being able to do that with the powerful young folks at PV.

Sarafina Kariuki

Powerful Choices Coordinator
Born in West Virginia, but a Washington native. A nomad of sorts, from switching schools to switching living styles. A young mother, but age is relative. Graduated from Auburn High. Has diverse work history. Hobbies include crafting,going on adventures in the city and baking, baked goods is the specialty. Grows from love.

Asia Reed

Employment AmeriCorps Member
Born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  Asia graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Women Studies. Attending Washington State University has been one of the best decisions she has ever made.  Asia prides herself on being one of the first people in her family to pursue higher education. The struggles she has endured in college has helped shaped her into a wiser individual. Asia values peace and happiness.  She believes in being patient and moving at her own pace as she is in full control of her journey. She is excited to see where her journey will take her.

Layla Taylor

Community Engagement Coordinator
Layla found her way to Seattle from the East Coast in 2004. Born and raised in NC, college in VT, grad school and school of life in NYC, Layla comes from a loving family with roots in Argentina, The Philippines, Ukraine, Poland and Scotland. Layla is proud to have developed, supported, managed and volunteered for community engagement and youth education programs at various schools and non-profits, including Yara Arts Group, Nantucket Island School of Design, Studio Museum in Harlem, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Arts and Leadership Program for Girls, Community for Youth , Seattle Architecture Foundation and Frye Art Museum. A thread throughout her work, has been her commitment to working on behalf, alongside and in support of equal opportunities for youth, especially in the areas of self-development, empowerment and education. Layla volunteered as an Adult Ally and volunteer coordinator for Powerful Voices before joining the staff in October 2013. She is also blessed to be mama to her two children.

Kate Tibone

Executive Director
Kate is dedicated to supporting mission-driven work in our community. She is a daughter of Vietnamese refugees, yet grew up in a small rural town in the Midwest. And she is a global nomad, having lived in three continents and in seven cities. She is a passionate feminist and strong advocate for women’s health and rights, and yet grew up in a very Catholic household, attended two religious universities. She spent 10 years working in global health and policy, but since moving to Seattle a few years ago, she has shifted to focus on how she can apply the lens of global to local and apply what she learned working with communities around the world to answer the question of how we can improve policies, practices, and systems to work better for girls in Washington State.

Yecelica Jaime Valdivia

Employment Coordinator
They grew-up in from Central Washington in the Yakima Valley. They're a child of a mexican immigrant father and a mixed race mother from working class roots. They identify as a mixed race, genderqueer, masculine presenting, fat brown boi among many things. Yecelica is coming from Seattle Young People's Project (SYPP), a youth-led social justice organization that builds youth power through political education and community organizing, where they were a Co-Director. Previous to SYPP, they had the opportunity to work with both The Northwest Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian, and Gay Survivors of Abuse and Solid Ground. They've been doing work at the intersections of individual transformation and social transformation and understanding you can't do one without the other. They're committed to supporting young folks to feel powerful, to defy, to define, and to build who they are and who they want to become.


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