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Case Management


Generally case management participants are young women of color, ages 12-18 that live or go to school in West Seattle, South Seattle, or the Central District. They have been affected by violence in some way and are enrolled in the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI).


Youth affected by violence have needs that are often complex and intertwined. Case management helps girls determine which services they need, when, and in what order, how to accesses them and provides adult guidance and support. They also work on developing and practicing skills such as communication, goal setting, time management, accountability, and self advocacy. A case manager is like a bridge helping connect where a youth is at currently to where they would like to go. Our process to help girls define and determine success for themselves is:

  • Intake and assessment
  • Relationship building
  • Designing a service plan-goal setting
  • Community advocacy and linking to services and resources
  • Implementing and monitoring the service plan
  • Quarterly evaluation of the effectiveness of case management
  • Ongoing support and encouragement

PV depends on its alliances and community partnerships to help connect girls to the services they need most such as job readiness programs and employment opportunities, tutoring, credit retrieval, service learning projects, recreation, Aggression Replacement Training ( ART), mentoring, and resources for them to get their basic needs met.


Girls work with their case manager to determine where, when, and how often they meet.  Generally they meet or check in weekly.


Youth are referred to us through the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative through self referrals, family, friends, school staff, outreach workers, counselors, probation officers, and community organizations.


To be eligible youth need to:
  • enrolled in the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI)
  • be socialized or identify as female and be between the ages 12-19
  • want to and commit to working with a Case Manager
  • be willing to communicate and meet weekly/monthly with their Case Manager (schedule may vary and is determined by youth and case manager)

If a youth is not enrolled in SYVPI please check eligibility and contact the appropriate SYVPI Intake and Referral Specialist for that youths neighborhood network (choose depending on where they live or go to school) to inquire about enrollment.

If a youth is already enrolled in SYVPI and you want to refer them to a specific Powerful Voices program, please contact the appropriate Powerful Voices program staff to let them know and they can help with the referral process through SYVPI. Referral acceptance depends on if we have openings.

Staff Contacts:

Fiona N'jororai, Case Manager/Youth Advocate

Cata Catibayan, Case Manager/Youth Advocate

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