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Powerful Voices serves 350 young women each year.  They come from a rich diversity of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  Our programs serve girls ages 12 to 18 years old, an in an effort to dismantle economic and racial disparities provide our programs in the geographic neighborhoods of the southeast, southwest and central Seattle, where indicators of future violent behaviors, such as discipline rates in schools, are the highest.  We aim not only to help them transform their lives but for them to help transform their communities.

Powerful Voices intentionally uses the term [GIRL] when describing the young women we serve.  Powerful Voices believes that gender is a socially constructed identity and that [GIRL] is a creation of the socialization and messages that a person assigned as “female” is given at birth.  Our expertise and programs reside in serving youth with personal experiences and issues that socialized females face; therefore we define [girl] as any person who has been socialized and/or identifies as female. We focus on building safe, inclusive communities for female-identified youth and encourage youth to explore their own personal expression of gender-identity and radicalize the structure of binary genders.  Powerful Voices acknowledges our own room for growth in serving gender non-conforming youth in our community.  We honor the strength & struggle for gender non-conforming youth who seek safe community building.  We aim to increase our allyship, education, training and capacity to responsibly serve gender non-conforming youth in our programs.


Want to learn more? Read our Powerful Voicesí Theory of Change.

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