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Impact Areas

At Powerful Voices we think holistically about girls, their families and our community’s health and wellbeing. Within this holistic context, we seek to make an impact in the following four areas:

Relationships & Identity
Ensure girls connect to their personal values, take pride in their identity, develop healthy relationships with others so girls can meaningfully contribute to their communities and live the lives they most desire.

Safety & Health
Prevent girls’ victimization, address social/emotional development and promote healthy decision making to address health and safety disparities.

Education & Economics
Provide girls with knowledge of how education affects economic success; and develop critical thinking, self-advocacy and employment skills to address education and employment disparities.

Policy & Advocacy
Support girls and the community to work together on girl’s issues to promote equity and make the world a just place for everyone.

Want to learn more about our approaches and rationale for these impact areas? Read our Powerful Voices’ Theory of Change.


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