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Social Justice

Powerful Voices leads the call for a Girl Justice movement in Seattle.  Girl Justice means making equitable gains in health, economic, education, and juvenile justice systems for all girls, but particularly those facing economic and racial disparities.  To that end, all programs are free so that they are accessible and we strive to engage youth in our curriculum and that they find it relevant to their lives.   Our social justice analysis is highlighted in the curriculum and workshops we facilitate with youth and recognizes the intersections of oppressions girls face on a daily basis such as ageism, racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, sizeism, etc.

By providing a safe-space for conversations and activities, we work with girls to recognize and name the oppressions affecting them, critically think and problem solve, and encourage them to begin to dream of ways they can make change for the better.

The issues challenging girls are changing all the time and each community manifests them differently.  We are most effective when focusing on the positive aspects girls have to offer-their strengths.  We avoid telling them about what they should or should not be doing and instead focus on their resiliency and intelligence, while providing tools and opportunities for them to think and speak critically.


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