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We work in solidarity with many people in the community.  Their voices inspire us to take action.

“The presentations were awesome, but the deep feelings of support between the youth community and the supportiveness of the adults was heartwarming and gives hope for a better world!”
Adult attendee of 2011 Girlvolution Conference

“I learned the difference of commitment to something and identify with something.  I committed to my youth and was able to pull out my ego and identification with it. Let it be her journey.”
2012 Adult Ally speaking about her experience mentoring

“I came away with a vision of a really positive girl space and community that I want to continue.  Sometime I won’t admit that I don’t know things and this forced me to get rid of that and admit when I did not know something.  I am grateful because then I learned so much more.”
2012 Adult Ally speaking about her experience with the ActiveVistas employment program

[I enjoyed] “seeing the girls starting to come to some realizations-putting a name, language, or tools to these experiences and situations and coming to them when they are pretty young.  They have only just begun and they are gonna get so many more tools to put in their tool box.”
2012 Adult Ally speaking about her experience with the ActiveVistas employment program

“This experience has changed my life and I know that I can go back to school with more confidence in my identity, wonderful and empowering girl stories to tell my friends and family, and a new passion for working with youth.  Watching each and girl develop more self confidence and personal strength was an experience that I will never forget.”
Michelle Joel, 2011 Intern from University of California Santa Cruz


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