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There is nothing that makes us feel more successful than the voices of girls and alumnae of our programs.

“This job is 9.75 out of 10 in preparing me for a job. It was an awesome program, I got a lot of opportunities.”
Girl talking about experience being a 2012 ActiveVista

"Powerful Voices taught me that my voice matters when it is something important but that my voice isn't always needed when negativity and drama and things I shouldn't get into come along. So thank you, to everyone at Powerful Voices..."
Girl talking about her experience in 2011 Powerful Choices Middle School Group

"Powerful Voices has had a huge impact on my life...I want to thank all of the Powerful Voices staff and donors for keeping this program alive for young girls who need that extra push to overcome obstacles and accomplish magnificent things."
Powerful Voices Alumna

“Being a strong female means not being scared to show that you also have power and that we can do anything that anybody else can do."
Powerful Voices Alumna

“I realized my ability to initiate social change on my own and that I don’t have to be in a crowd to do it. I am more confident about what I value.”
Powerful Voices Alumna


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